Quality and Environment

Quality is an uninterrupted journey.

Quality means absolute customer satisfaction in product, price and service at Çimstone. Attention paid to product quality starts with the selection of raw material and continues through all processes up to the delivery of the product to the customer.

We believe that quality is an endless journey to ensure uninterrupted customer satisfaction. Quality certificates we hold constitute the milestones of our uninterrupted quality journey. 

Our vision aiming at continuous development on quality is the determinant of both our internal trainings and our R&D processes. Closely following the trends all over the world and the aesthetic approaches rising in our industry, we develop our products through technical studies. Our R&D laboratory undersigns studies at world standards and carries on its studies on product development and new products for your uninterrupted satisfaction.

Thanks to our quality principles guiding the whole procedure, we carry out production and inspection in compliance with the TSE, ASTM and EN standards. 

A sustainable environment is our priority in all our operations. 

Even if the most state-of-the-art technologies are employed in the acquiring natural stones from sources, the amount of the source turning to an end product fails to exceed 40 percent. Çimstone turns the remaining natural waste into a product with a high added value. Thanks to the high technology employed in production, Çimstone contributes to a sustainable environment through minimum waste and maximum source saving. 

We continuously improve ourselves in order to maintain the care we take in the use of raw materials in our production processes as well. We recover each drop of water we use in production via the automated water treatment technology. We re-use the water so treated in in the production process and minimise our water and power consumption.

We develop such products which will endure the operations you carry out in our kitchen every day for many years. Our purpose is reduce our impact on the nature as much as possible while we add value to your life with products that will make your life easier in all circumstances.