Çimstone advantages

Radiance of Quartz… Colour of Life

Çimstone composed of quartz reshapes the quartz mineral which is a gift from the nature by the present day’s state-of-the-art technology. It adds colour and lustre to surfaces.

NSF-Approved Most Reliable Surface Certificate

Çimstone has been certified as the safest surface on which food may be prepared by NSF International, an international leading certification body.

Resistant to acids and bases

Çimstone puts up high resistance to the abrasive impact of acids and bases. Olive oil, wine, vinegar, lemon, tea and strong spices cease to be a problem.

Suitable for different areas of use

Capable of being used on any and all surfaces such as vanity tops, counters and counter-top panels. Çimstone is successfully applied to such decorative designs as dining tables, coffee tables, etc. as well.

Elegant and authentic

With its glamorous colour and texture alternatives, Çimstone excellently accompanies the modern line of kitchens and bathrooms.

Resistant to abrasion and scratching

One of the hardest stones in nature, quartz gives Çimstone a unique strength and durability thanks to its 7 Mohs hardness. Çimstone succesfully reflects the advantages of quartz on surfaces.

Easy to clean

Thanks to its compact texture, Çimstone does not absorb liquids nor is stained. It maintains its initial look with simple care and cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

Çimstone is environmentally friendly thanks to its product development approach focusing on the protection of natural resources, high technology used in production and product contents derived from recyclied materials.


Due to its nonporous texture, Çimstone does not absorb liquids and is hygienic.