Generic brand of quartz

Our Company

Quartz mineral shone out as a product which gives surfaces a different look by an innovative technology all over the world in the 1990s.

We took our place among the first generation quartz-based compound stone manufacturers of the world with our operation which started in 1996. We became the founding brand of the industry with our products that were not yet known in Turkey and that carried a great number of advantages over to the architecture and decoration industry. Since those days, quartz surface covering materials have started to be called by the name of “Çimstone” in Turkey.

We have very seriously borne the responsibilities of being a brand that gives its name to an industry at all times. As a leading brand that has built its industry, we have identified the product quality, diversity and aesthetic trends. We have shaped the future of the industry. 

Today, the development of the quartz industry, the size of the market and the number of the manufacturing brands in Turkey are a cause of honour to us.

As a requirement of being a leader, we have continued our investments and operations in all circumstances, thus proving our belief in our country and industry. We have a say in the world of quartz with our second production line with the latest Breton technology which we commissioned in 2020, our sales offices established in the USA and UK and our products decorating bathrooms and kitchens in more than 40 countries. 


Being the only Turkish brand that is a member to A.St.A., which is operating as the Engineered Stone Manufacturers Association, Çimstone represents the Turkish Quartz Industry at the international level.

Our Group Companies

Çimstone is included in the organisation of the AKG Group, which continues its
multi-dimensional operations in the construction industry.